Procomed is a recognized company in the field of services for the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry in Algeria. Active since 2005, Procomed offers its services to foreign laboratories or the ones  established in Algeria in order to ensure the best presence on the Algerian market.

Procomed provides  knowledge  and recognized expertise in consulting, support and business development in order to enable you to penetrate the Algerian market, develop your business and your teams.

In everything we do, we strive to be innovative, reliable and passionate.

Quality Policy

PROCOMED is a company which operates in the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical industry, whose core business is the services it offers to foreign laboratories or those established in Algeria, according to their various needs, in order to ensure them the best representation on the Algerian market.

The assurance of our expertise and our know-how in medical and pharmaceutical visits, in pharmacovigilance, in regulation and registration of products, in consulting and pharmaceutical consulting, is guaranteed by the skills of men and women working as a team with the greatest commitment and willingness, all done in the frame and conditions of works that we naturally offer.

We have progressed for more than 10 years, striving to constantly provide a quality service to our clients and partners in the highest respect of medical and regulatory ethics.

At a time when the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical environment is becoming increasingly complex, with continuous and constantly changing legal and regulatory developments, our ambition today is to continue our evolution, working within an even more structured framework thanks to the implementation of a Quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard, the main driving forces of which are as follows:

  • To improve the quality of services and provide a high level of performance to meet the requirements, standards and expectations of multinational pharmaceutical companies.
  • Demonstrate continuous responsiveness in order to realize new markets and partnerships by rapidly adapting to changes in the environment and socio-economic climate by ensuring a well-conducted prospecting work adapted to the current orientations and Procomed’s code of conduct.

We constantly ensure that the products provided to patients are high-performance, while guaranteeing their comfort and safety.

  • Strengthen the skills and develop the know-how of the staff in order to achieve a capital of specialised expertise in the field of hospital and community medicines.
  • Promote the implementation of a continuous improvement process.
  • Comply with our strict compliance rules when carrying out all the actions we carry out to meet the highest requirements of our partners and medical ethics.

These areas are translated into measurable operational objectives accompanied by performance measurement indicators with a view to continuously increasing customer satisfaction.

PROCOMED‘s commitment to the achievement of its objectives is total, passing through a continuous training and development programme to ensure that our staff and services meet the requirements of our clients, but also through a set of measures involving all departments with the implementation of processes to ensure that day-to-day activities are carried out in accordance with applicable requirements to ensure the full performance of our business.

Our Values


Passionate, we create value by taking a business approach focused on  customers and  patients.


We set ourselves ambitious objectives and give ourselves the means to achieve them.


We are bound by the regulations and best practices related to  our profession.

Team spirit

We adopt a win-win approach with our teams and partners to reach the  excellence.